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The Swimsetter Story

My Vacation Became My Life.  My Life Became My Career.  My Career Became My Addiction... And The Swimsetter Was Born.

 Tropical Travel.  Curated Design.  Eco-Conscious Lifestyle. 

New Jersey >> Georgia >> Hawaii >> California >> France >> Mexico >> And so it goes...  On to the next Ash-Venture.

I am humbled, blessed and beyond grateful for this amazing life I have been given.  I have always been drawn to nature, warm weather, travel, exploring, crafting experiences and design.  I have chased my dreams, followed my heart, leaped off cliffs and built a career around the life I have always wanted to lead, all while giving back to others.  My goal is to create and curate beauty wherever I go.  Here, I hope to share those stories, designs, and unique finds with you.  This is no silver spoon, no one handed me the keys.  This was, and still is, a labor of love and passion everyday.  A daily hustle, a constant struggle, and a sturborn willfulness that I know a better way. 

To all the positive vibes and aloha-filled tribes I have attracted into my life... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You inspire me everyday.

Ashley Morgan Foster
Designer & Swimsetter

"let’s redefine luxury... it’s not gilded taps, marble bathrooms and pool butlers—anyone can buy all that. Instead, luxury is rarity: having an experience few people get to have, and having it as comfortably as possible. It’s challenge: being pushed ever so gently to the edge of your comfort zone and then being swaddled right back into it—learning and transformation, not just bragging rights (and certainly not just tan lines). And it’s this glorious planet: getting an up-close view of spectacular, little-touched nature, in the company of expert guides whose passion is infectious." 

-Ann Abel, Contributor, Forbes Magazine


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